All About (Ft Wayne) Sports Injury Doctors  

A sports injury usually starts with sudden pain and swelling. Sometimes, the injured part cannot move or a bone or joint has been knocked out of place. In severe cases, quick action is needed. A sports injury doctor can help you to decide which treatment options are best for your injury. In many cases, surgery is not necessary. However, some injuries require further treatment, such as fractures. Click QC Kinetix (Ft Wayne) sports injury doctor

A sports injury doctor can perform an X-ray to assess the extent of the injury and to determine the proper treatment. If a fracture has occurred, a sports injury doctor will be able to cast the bone and provide the necessary support for healing. Other sports injuries can include ACL tears. These injuries can occur during intense physical activities such as soccer, tennis, or hockey.

Patients seeking treatment for a sports injury should visit a sports medicine doctor who specializes in pain management. The doctor can help them choose a treatment plan that works best for their condition and will reduce their pain and risk of future injuries. The physician will discuss treatment options for specific types of pain, as well as determining whether the injury is acute or chronic.

Sports injury doctors specialize in the treatment of injuries to the musculoskeletal system, which includes the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and nerves. This type of medicine is unique in that only a sports medicine doctor can properly diagnose and treat the underlying cause of pain. In addition to evaluating and treating injuries, a sports injury doctor will also treat underlying conditions, including the ones that are common to sports injuries.

The Clinic provides quality sports medicine care to both elite athletes and everyday athletes. With decades of experience treating athletes of all levels and abilities, the sports medicine specialists offer expertise in treating sports-related injuries. Because they understand the physical demands placed on the musculoskeletal system, they can help athletes get back into top condition.

A sports injury doctor can also help you manage pain caused by a sprain or a strain. While these injuries are common, they can be mitigated with the proper treatment. For instance, a sports injury doctor can prescribe ice packs to reduce the swelling. If a strain or sprain is severe, a doctor may recommend surgery.

An orthopedic sports medicine physician is another option. These doctors specialize in common sports injuries, including bone fractures and torn ligaments. They are also adept at determining which type of treatment is best for an athlete’s condition. They will also try to avoid surgery whenever possible. A sports medicine physician can help you to maximize the non-surgical treatments available, including physical and occupational therapies.

A sports injury doctor can also evaluate the symptoms of concussion. These injuries affect the brain and cause temporary loss of consciousness, dizziness, and headache. They can be mild or severe and can result in life-threatening complications.