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Medical – Brenda Kay LedfordWhen it comes to joint pain relief without surgery, some treatments can be effective in reducing the amount of discomfort caused by the problem. Antidepressants, heat and ice can all help to reduce joint pain. However, they have different side effects and you must follow your physician’s instructions carefully. Surgery is an option if your symptoms have persisted for a long time despite taking medications, physical therapy and exercises. Consult a doctor before considering this option. Have a look at Huntsville sports medicine for more info on this.

While you can go to the doctor and get prescribed antidepressants and steroids, these methods are only temporary solutions for joint pain. Many patients are unable to fully recover from their discomfort after undergoing surgery, so they are looking for an alternative treatment. Joint pain relief without surgery can be found with a variety of non-invasive treatments, including alternative medicine and lifestyle changes. You can learn more about your treatment options at The Keep Clinic.
Hyaluronic acid injections are an excellent option for joint pain relief without surgery. Hyaluronic acid helps lubricate joints and promote natural healing. Other injection options include stem cell and platelet-rich plasma. These treatments are more common for osteoarthritis of the knee and hip but can be performed for any joint. If you opt for this alternative treatment, you can expect to have it repeatable within six months.
Overuse of joints is a common cause of joint pain. The cartilage that cushions the knee joint wears down over time. Whether it’s due to an old injury or the stresses placed on the joints, osteoarthritis often results in pain that can be debilitating. While the use of painkillers can provide relief, they can also have serious side effects if used over a long period of time. If left untreated, surgery is the only solution.
Other methods for joint pain relief without surgery include lifestyle changes and medications. Lifestyle changes can be effective in making arthritis pain manageable and allowing patients to return to activities they once loved. Visiting a Beacon physician can be an excellent option if you’re struggling with joint pain. You can discuss your treatment options with one of our board-certified physicians. They can help you make a decision that’s best for your situation.
Diet plays an important role in the treatment of joint pain. Eating the right foods is essential for your bone health. Drinking plenty of water is another key factor for joint pain relief. Dehydration and an inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals can both contribute to the development of arthritis. To help your body fight off inflammation and arthritis-related pain, you should make dietary changes to your diet and reduce your intake of red meat and processed foods. Be sure to avoid alcohol as it can increase the risk of joint damage and cirrhosis.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are also an excellent treatment option for joint pain without surgery. Available over-the-counter and by prescription, these drugs work to reduce inflammation and provide short-term pain relief. These drugs should be used sparingly and should not interfere with any other medications. You may want to consult with your physician about NSAIDs before opting for any treatment. A doctor can prescribe an appropriate treatment plan for you.

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