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A knee specialist can diagnose a variety of knee problems. He or she will perform a physical exam and ask questions about your symptoms. You may want to check out Fall River sports medicine for more. They may also order imaging tests to confirm a certain diagnosis. X-rays can determine if you have any signs of arthritis, while MRIs can help determine the health of soft tissues around the joint.

Your primary care physician can refer you to a qualified knee specialist in NYC, or you can read reviews online. Once you’ve found the doctor you’d like to see, book a consultation. Make sure to ask how many procedures they perform per year, and how successful they are. Also, ask if they have a website where you can view testimonials.

A good knee specialist will be able to answer your questions and provide solutions to your problem. He or she should also be compassionate and be aware of the emotional impact of knee pain. It’s important to find a specialist with experience treating athletes, since he or she will be more likely to find ways to treat your pain and avoid surgery.

A knee specialist can also perform a surgical procedure to repair damaged cartilage inside the knee. These procedures can relieve chronic pain and restore functionality. Fortunately, most knee surgeries are routine. However, in some cases, the damage is so extensive that a surgery may be necessary. This will enable new cartilage to grow and replace the damaged material.

Your primary care physician may also order tests and order medication to help with your pain. If the pain persists or is unbearable, you should consider visiting an orthopedic specialist for an evaluation. In some cases, initial therapies can work without referral, but it’s often necessary to consult with an orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic surgeons specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis.

If you’re suffering from knee pain, consult a knee specialist as soon as possible. These doctors offer evidence-based treatments to relieve your pain. You can find a knee surgeon by clicking on the buttons below. You can also learn more about various knee replacement procedures. If you’re considering surgery, a knee surgeon is your best option.

Several tendons connect the bones of the knee to the muscles of the leg. The most common of these are the quadriceps and patellar tendons. These tendons are often injured. Your knee specialist should be able to determine which one is damaged. You can also learn about different types of knee injuries by looking at their web pages.