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Water and fire damage restoration specialists are required to wear special protective gear to protect themselves from the elements and the public. This equipment has two stainless steel probes that detect the presence of moisture in a building. The detection of moisture helps restoration professionals determine the best way to proceed. Proper ventilation, the use of air movers, and fogging the area can all help speed up the process.  web link  The CleanUP Guys water damage restoration service 

Fire damage restoration must be completed quickly after the fire to avoid secondary damage. The process includes debris removal, cleaning and deodorization, property board-up, and reconstruction. The process can take weeks or even months. Sometimes, water damage also follows fire damage, so restoration companies must clean it thoroughly. They should be able to minimize the amount of damage that is caused and protect insurance claims.

Fire damage can be extensive and can disrupt daily life. It also leaves behind soot that can ruin floors, walls, and personal property. The soot also creates stains and marks that are hard to remove. Unlike water damage, fire damage restoration involves the removal and remediation of damaged materials, minimizing the need for a new home or a new building.

Fire damage restoration professionals will first assess the property to see what needs to be done. They will also look for water damage. Once they have inspected the property, fire damage restoration professionals will remove items from the home. They will assess whether the items can be salvaged, and take them to an off-site facility.