Why You Should See a Back Specialist

While most people see their primary care physician for back pain issues, a Back Specialist is the best option if you are suffering from chronic back pain. This type of doctor is board-certified and Harvard-trained. These physicians can perform dozens of common surgeries and specialize in treating back problems. In addition to their training, back specialists are also able to diagnose and treat back problems that haven’t responded to more traditional treatments. Interested readers can find more information about them at Back Specialist Near Me
A neurological examination is a useful tool in diagnosing back pain. Your physician may want to see how your back feels when you stand and move, as well as how quickly your reflexes and balance are affected. He may also perform a sensory exam with tuning forks and alcohol swabs. A visual examination may also be necessary in certain cases. In some cases, a back pain specialist may be able to diagnose the condition with a visual examination alone.
A back specialist will perform a variety of tests and procedures to determine the cause of the back pain. A physical examination may include X-rays to rule out other underlying conditions, such as arthritis or fractures. Other diagnostic methods may include CT or MRI imaging to detect herniated discs or other musculoskeletal problems. Other tests may include blood tests and bone scans.
A Neurosurgeon is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spine surgery. While most people think of neurosurgeons as brain surgeons, the majority of their work involves surgery on the spine. Neurosurgeons also specialize in the more complex cases, such as surgery on the lining of the spinal canal. A medical doctor who specializes in spinal surgery will have the necessary training to perform this work safely.
A back pain specialist will be able to diagnose the cause and recommend a treatment that will relieve your pain quickly and permanently. Orthopedic doctors have access to advanced medical technology and proven treatments. This means that they are the best choice for those suffering from chronic back pain. It’s worth the time and money to consult with a back specialist.